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Telangana has a variety of tourist attractions including historical places, monuments, forts, waterfalls, forests and temples. Hyderabad, the state capital ranked second best place in the world that one should see in 2015 and 2016 which is published in the annual guide of 'Traveler' magazine of National Geographic. Hyderabad and Warangal are the largest cities with many tourist places.


Divine Destinations

Visit and invocate your deity and enjoy the divine benediction that will bring you the feel of getting redeemed by divine bliss bestowed on you and your family ​.



Heritage Spots

Visit Telangana, the confluence of two distinct culture streams - south India and north India with rich heritage spots reminiscing the ancient glory and ethos.


Nature Discovery

Discover nature in its pristine avatar and rhythm, and enjoy the enthralling beauty, the cool and salubrious breeze that brings the fragrance of flowers that dance in tune with nature.



Wild Life

Explore and discover the teeming wildlife of Telangana in their indigenous habitat and get truly mesmerized by the rare exotic and native species of birds, mammals, snakes, amphibians and other flora and fauna.
Telangana, by virtue of its unique location in the heart of Deccan Plateau enjoys unique climatic conditions. This is considered conducive for the thriving flora and fauna. There are renowned wildlife sanctuaries all over the region. Kawal is a dense forest region, which is home to endangered tigers. It is also called as Jannaram wildlife sanctuary.

Some of the other prominent wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana are Mrugavani National Park, KBR Park, Pranahita wildlife sanctuary, Shivaram wildlife Sanctuary, Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Shamirpet Deer Park, Nehru Zoological Park, Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary etc. The Deccan plateau is a region of unique and great biodiversity, reflected in the various wildlife havens of the region. There are many facilities provided, for tourists to enjoy a glimpse of the wildlife habitat.

 Adventure Journeys

Life should not be a journey to an easy goal, and if you're really serious to enjoy life, embark on and taste adventure, and enjoy the pleasure of vibes, discover and learn life lessons.




Boating Units

Visit these water bodies – river valleys, reservoirs, lakes, that are serene, majestic with lush green landscape, which will give you thrilling and enchanting boating experience



Enjoy shopping - choose rare, exquisite, handicrafts, sarees and textiles from diverse corners across India and many more; relish mouthwatering Kulfi, Chole, Pao Bhaji, Chaat…



Telangana Tourism offers a splendid experience of various theme tours and one can cherish the 'experience' of visiting places of interest appealing to individuals of different ages and walks of life. Right from pilgrimage towns, wild life sanctuaries to modern convention centres and dams, Telangana has it all!


Welcome to Telangana