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Agriculture and Co-operationSri M. Raghunandan Rao, IASSecretary to Government040-23452269, Fax:
Animal Husbandry and FisheriesSri Adhar Sinha, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040-23450423 / 23452269, Fax:
Backward Classes WelfareSri B. Venkatesham, IASPrincipal Secretary to Government040-23453638, Fax:
Chief Minister's OfficeSri S. Narsing Rao, IAS (Retd.)Principal Secretary to Chief Minister040-23454664 Fax:
Chief Minister's OfficeSmt. Smita Sabharwal, IASSecretary to Chief
Chief Minister's OfficeSri K. Bhoopal Reddy, IFSSpecial Secretary to Chief Minister040-23450466 Fax:
Chief Minister's OfficeSri P. Rajasekhar Reddy, IFS (Retd.)Special Secretary to Chief Minister040-23452421 Fax:
Chief Minister's OfficeSmt. Priyankaa Varghese, IFSOSD to Chief Minister
Chief Minister's OfficeSri Rahul Bojja, IASSecretary to Chief Minister040-23456055-
Consumer Affairs Food & Civil SuppliesSri V. Anil Kumar, IAS (Retd)Ex. Officio Secretary to Govt.040-23310462, Fax:
Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior CitizensSmt. D. Divya, IASSecretary to Government040-23450034, Fax:
Endowments DepartmentSri V. Anil Kumar, IAS (Retd.)Secretary to​​
EnergySri Sunil Sharma, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040- 23453305;               Fax: 040-23455452​
Environment, Forests,Science and TechnologyDr. Rajat Kumar, IAS (FAC)Spl. Chief Secretary040-23453111,​
FinanceSri K. Ramakrishna Rao, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040-23452641,
FinanceDr. T.K. Sreedevi, IASSecretary to Government040-23455529, 23453267,
FinanceSri D. Ronald Rose, IASSecretary to
General AdministrationSri Somesh Kumar, IASChief Secretary to Government040-23452620, 23455340, EXT-2562
General AdministrationSri Adhar Sinha, IASSpl. Chief
General AdministrationSmt. Shalini Misra, IASSpl. Chief Secretary (GPM&AR)
General Administration-Principal Secretary to Government040-23454182, Fax:
General AdministrationSri Vikas Raj, IASChief Electoral Officer040-23457317, Fax:
Health, Medical & Family WelfareSri Syed Ali Murtaza Rizvi, IASSecretary to
Higher EducationSri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, IASSecretary to Government (FAC)040-23459287, (ext:2696),
HomeSri Ravi Gupta, IPSPrincipal
HomeSri M. Champalal, IASSpl.
HousingSri Sunil Sharma, IASSpl. Chief Secretary (FAC)040-23450343,
Industries and CommerceSri Jayesh Ranjan​, IASPrincipal Secretary040-23454449 /
Industries and CommerceSmt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IASPrincipal Secretary to Handlooms, Textiles & Handicrafts040-27610895, 984999784
Information Technology,Electronics and CommunicationsSri Jayesh Ranjan​, IASPrincipal Secretary040-23456401, 23450041, 23454449,
Infrastructure and InvestmentSri Sunil Sharma, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040- 
Irrigation and CADDr. Rajat Kumar, IASSpl. Chief
Labour, Employment Training and FactoriesSmt. I. Rani Kumudini, IASSpl. Chief Secretary to Government040-23451091;                   Fax:
LawSri Nandikonda Narsing RaoSecretary (Legal Affairs, Legislative Affairs & Justice)040-23450476 / 27663485 / 23450185; Fax:
Minorities WelfareSri Ahmad Nadeem, IASPrincipal Secretary040-23452983 ;               Fax:,
Municipal Administration & Urban DevelopmentSri Arvind Kumar, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040-23454965,
Municipal Administration & Urban DevelopmentSri C. Sudarshan Reddy, IASSecretary to
Panchayat Raj and Rural DevelopmentSri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, IASSecretary​ to
Panchayat Raj and Rural DevelopmentSmt. Smita Sabharwal, IASSecretary to Government (RWSS)
PlanningSri K. Ramakrishna Rao, IASSpl. Chief Secretary040-23452746 / 27733887 / 23450111; Fax:
Public EnterprisesSmt. K. Nirmala, IASSecretary​ to
RevenueSri Somesh Kumar, IASChief Secretary & Spl. Chief Secretary (Stamps & Registration)
RevenueSri Somesh Kumar, IASChief Secretary & Spl. Chief Secretary to Government (CT & Excise)040-23459942, Fax:,
RevenueSri V. Anil Kumar, IAS (Retd.)Secretary (Endowments)040-23452592 ;               Fax:
RevenueSri K. Manicka Raj, IASSecretary (Disaster Management)040-23450923, Fax:
RevenueSmt. K. Hymavathi, IASSecretary to
School Education(SE Wing)Sri Sandeep Kumar Sultania, IASSecretary to Government (FAC)​​040-23459287​
Social WelfareSri Rahul Bojja, IASSecretary to Government (SC Development) (FAC)
Social WelfareSri T. Vijaya Kumar, IASSpl. Secretary to Government040-23450923 Fax: 23450924​
Transport, Roads and BuildingsSri K. S. Sreenivasa Raju, IASSecretary to Government​040-23450013, 29701807, 23450014, Fax: 23450744 /
Transport, Roads and BuildingsSmt. B. Vijiendra, IASSpl. Secretary040-23450013, 23450013
Tribal WelfareDr. Christina Z.Chongthu, IASSecretary to Government040-23453401, Fax:
Tribal WelfareSri E. Sridhar, IASSpl. Secretary to Government040-23453401, Fax:
Youth Advancement, Tourism and CultureSri Sabyasachi Ghosh, IASPrl. Secretary (YS)
Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture-Secretary to Government (Tourism, Culture & Sports)040-23450991
Sri A.P.V.N. Sarma, IAS (Retd.)Advisor to, 8978907979
Sri A.K. Mohanty, IPS (Retd.)Advisor to, 23541956(P), 9440795499
Sri K. Surendra Mohan, IASSecretary to Governorrajbhavan-hyd@gov.in040-23310521, 9704666457
Sri J. Bhavani ShankarJoint Secretary to Governor (SS)jbshankar2000@yahoo.com040-23314666, 9246228700
Sri C.N. Raghu PrasadJoint Secretary to Governor (HH)ds-rbhyd@gov.in040-23310521, 9849905901
Smt. J. Swarna RekhaJoint Secretary, O/o. Advisorsrajbhavan-hyd@gov.in040-23310521, 7013310467
Maj Rajdeep SinghA.D.C to Governor (Army)adc-rbhyd@gov.in040-23310521, 9848170000
Sri K. NarasimhaA.D.C. (Police)adc-rbhyd@gov.in040-23310521, 9010933335
Sri Y. SrinivasuluAsst. Secretary to Governor/ Liaison Officerrajbhavan-hyd@gov.in040-23310521, 9652304611