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Central Complaint Cell 1912
Vidyut Soudha 040-23396000
Electricity Break Down Divisions
Shankar Mutt 040-23433259
Charminar 040-23433282
Greenlands 040-23431069
Paradise 040-23433353
Bowenpally 040-23433464
Rethi Bowli 040-23431151
Chanchalguda 040-23433281
Begum Bazar 040-23433240
Zonal Police Control Rooms
East Zone 040-27853603
West Zone 040-27852483
North Zone 040-27853599
South Zone 040-27854779
Central Zone 040-27852759
Special Branch 040-27854790
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Services
Sanitation 040-23222160
Engineering 040-23220418
Town Planning 040-23220438
GHMC Tankbund 040-23226982
Emergency Squad 040-23394566
Fire Services
Director Central 040-23442955
Divisional Fire Office 040-23449215
Fire Control Room (Tankbund) 040-23442942
G. H. Municipal Circle Offices
Circle I 040-24525841
Circle II 040-24525842
Circle III 040-24736912
Circle IV 040-23326975
Circle V 040-24525845
Circle VI 040-24740211
Circle VII 040-27804012
G.H.M.C. Sec. Zone 040-27804012
Enquiries 1407
Indian Airlines 040-23232845
Air India 040-23389715
Jet Airways 040-39893333
Kingfisher Airlines 040-27903030/18001800101
Malaysian Airlines 040-23410292
Qatar Airlines 040-66837000/66335341
Sahara Airlines 040-27901316
Sri Lankan Airlines 040-23318842/23372430
Saudi Arabia 040-23210552
Enquiry (Manual) 131
Enquiry (IVRS) (English)1331/(Hindi)1332/
(Telugu) 1333
Reservations 135
Reservations(IVRS) 1345
'e' Seva Centres
Road No.7, Banjara Hills, MCH Site. 040-23356648
R.T.A. Complex, Khairatabad, RTA Site. 040-23321195
Opp: St. Anns, Marredpally, HMWS&SB Site. 040-27700753
Beside Gandhi Hospital, Musheerabad, HMWS&SB Site. 040-27505236
Near Shivam Road, New Nallakunta, HMWS&SB Site. 040-27402183
Community Hall, Ramnagar MCH Site. 040-27632217
Opp: Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet, HMWS&SB Site. 040-24540195
Adjacent to CRIDA, Santoshnagar, HMWS&SB Site. 040-24331635
Salarjung Museum Road, Darulshifa, APTRANSCO Site. 040-24526475
S.R.Nagar X Road, HMWS&SB Site 040-23701223
Water Tank, Sitaphalmandi, HMWS&SB Site 040-27090361
Rethi Bowli, Mehdipatnam, APTRANSCO Site 040-23522134
Near Police Station, M.R.O. Office Building Bahadurpura. 040-24471561
M.R.O. Complex Vijayanagar Colony. 040-23341019
Mint Compound, APTRANSCO Site. 040-23450073
R.T.A. Fast Track Premises, Tirumalgiri, RTA Site. 040-27740172
Near Ananda Nilayam, Greenlands. 040-23400758
Sultanbazar 040-24606478
APTRANSCO Site. Habsiguda, TSTRANSCO Site. 040-27206980
K.P.H.B. APTRANSCO Site 040-23055940
Behind Red Water Tank, Vanasthalipuram. 040-24126733
ERO Office, Paradise 040-27894736
ERO Office, Saroornagar 040-24146951
M.C.H. Complex, Chikkadapalli. 040-27608341
Motinagar, Near Borabanda 040-23841984
Water Supply
Metro Customer Care Cell Complaint & Sewerage Cell 155313
Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board 155313
Cantonment Water Supply 040-23446952/66669000
New Water & Sewerage Connections. 040-66519041
Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station 040-23434268
District Services Enquiry 040-24614406
Alighting Point 040-23434264
Reservations 040-23434269/9959224911
Station Manager 040-23434263
Koti Bus Station 040-23443310
Dilsukhnagar 040-23443336
Jubilee Bus Station 040-27802203
Charminar Bus Station 9959226235
Guest Houses
Dilkusha 040-23312197
Greenlands 040-23417140
Manjeera 040-23411074
T.S. Bhavan, New Delhi 040-23382041 to 23382045
Lakeview 040-23310877/23310083
Jubilee Hall 040-23232145/23241038
Post & Telegraph
G.P.O. Abids 040-23463518
C.T.O. (Hyd.) 040-24609929
C.T.O. (Sec'bad) 040-27720030
H.P.O. (Sec'bad) 040-27840542
Tourist Information
T.S.T.D.C. Ltd. 040-23262152/23262151
Yatri Nivas 040-27893100/23450444
State Tourism 040-23262152
Information Bureau 040-23450165
Dept. of Tourism 040-23453110
T.S.Centre for Emergency 040-24603566
Medicare (Apathbandhu) 040-24603566
Apollo 1066
C.D.R. 040-23456789
Mediciti 040-23231111
CARE (Nampally) 105711
CARE (Banjara Hills) 105711
Osmania Hospital 040-24600146
Medwin (Abids) 040-23202902
NIMS (Panjagutta) 040-23489000
Red Cross 040-27667973
Free Service 102
Blood Bank
Blood Bank, Narayanaguda 040-27567892
Gandhi Hospital 040-27702222
Bhanji Kheraj 040-24745243
Matadin Goel 040-23226624
Medwin 040-23202902/ 4616
CARE (Nampally) 040-24601912
CARE (Banjara Hills) 040-23234444
Lion's Club (Koti) 040-24745243
Institute of Transfusion Medicine & Research 040-23319491
Kamineni 39879999 Ext: 298
N.I.M.S. 040-23489000/ 9020
Chiranjeevi 040-23559555
Redcross Vidhyanagar 040-27633087
Eye Banks
Sadhuram 040-23221094
Ramayamma International, Jubilee Hills 040-23548266
Sarojini Devi 040-23317274
Chiranjeevi 040-23559555
L.V. Prasad 040-30612345
State Pollution Control Board
Pollution Control Board 040-23887500
Complaint Cell 040-23202259
Cooking Gas
Emergency Cell, Sec'bad 040-27801123
Emergency Cell, Hyd. 040-24576261
Super Gas, Banjara Hills 040-23540079
H.P. Gas, S.P. Rd., Sec'bad 040-27842519
Animal Care
Blue Cross Rescue Service 040-23545523
Society for Prevention of Cruelity to Animals 040-27537541-42
Govt. Vet. Hospital, Himayathnagar 040-23222736
Govt. Vet. Hospital, Santhinagar 040-23319656
Child Line
(For Children in Distress) 1098
Help Line
Dial a Driver 040-56528672
Home Care Services 040-23379999
Seva 040-27504682
Roshini 040-66202000
State Civil Supplies Corporation
Free Help Line-(APSCSC) 1800-4252977
Paid Help Line-(APSCSC) 040-23324184
M.S. & H.S.D. Outlet (HPC), Secretariat 040-23450430​​​​​​
AirlinesPre-recorded departure040-29627011-143
AirlinesFlight information1407
AirlinesReservation1407, 040-23236902
AirlinesTelephone exchange040-27900171
AirlinesBooking040-23299333, 040-23234970
AirlinesGeneral040-27900621, 040-27900620
AirlinesPre-recorded arrival040-29627011-142
AmbulanceMedicare (apathabandhu)040-24603566
AmbulanceFree service101
AmbulanceMedwin (abids)040-23202902
AmbulanceCare (Nampally)105711
AmbulanceOsmania hospital040-24600122
AmbulanceCare (banjara hills)105711
AmbulanceKamineni (l.b. nagar)040-23987999
AmbulanceNims (panjagutta)040-23489000
AmbulanceA.p.centre for emergency040-24603566
Animal careBlue cross rescue service040-23545523
Animal careGovt. Vet. Hospital,santhinagar040-23319656
Animal careSociety for prevention of cruelity to animals040-27537541-42
Animal careGovt. Vet. Hospital, himayathnagar040-23222736
Blood bankChiranjeevi040-23555005
Blood bankMatadin goel040-23226624
Blood bankCare (banjara hills)040-30418296
Blood bankMedwin040-23202902/4616
Blood bankBhanji kheraj040-24745243
Blood bankInstitute of transfusion   medicine & search040-23319491
Blood bankN.i.m.s040-23489000/ 9020
Blood bankCare (nampally)040-30417445
Blood bankGandhi hospital040-27702222
Blood bankLion's club (koti)040-24745243
Blood bankBlood bank, narayanaguda040-27567892
Blood bankKamineni39879999 ext:298
Child line(for children in distress)1098
Cooking gasH.p. gas, s.p.rd., sec'bad040-27842519
Cooking gasEmergency cell, hyd.040-24576261
Cooking gasSuper gas, banjara hills040-23540079
Cooking gasEmergency cell, sec'bad040-27801123
ElectricityBreak down divisions-
ElectricityShankar mutt040-23433259
ElectricityCentral complaint cell155333
ElectricityBegum bazar040-23433240
ElectricityControl room vidyut soudha040-23431178
ElectricityRethi bowli040-23431151
Emergency servicesCrime stopper cell:-
Emergency servicesPolice control room040-27852333, 040-23261166
Emergency servicesTraffic control room040-27852482
Emergency servicesFire101
Emergency servicesCommissioner office (old)1090
Emergency servicesPolice control room(cyberabad)040-27852923
Emergency servicesEmergency108
Emergency servicesPolice100
Emergency servicesAmbulance102
Eye banksChiranjeevi040-23559555
Eye banksSadhuram040-23221094
Eye banksRamayamma international, jubilee hills040-23548266
Eye banksL.v. prasad040-23548267
Eye banksSarojini devi040-23317274
Fire servicesFire control room(tankbund)040-23442942
Fire servicesDivisional fire office040-23449215
Government hospitalsNizamia genl. Hospital040-24568000
Government hospitalsMnj cancer hospital,red hills040-23318422
Government hospitalsState t.b. centre, erragadda040-23811797
Government hospitalsGolconda hospital040-23513776
Government hospitalsOsmania genl. Hospital040-24600121, 040-24600146
Government hospitalsChest hospital, erragadda040-23814422
Government hospitalsMilitary hospital,secunderabad040-27792580
Government hospitalsKing koti hospital040-24753474
Government hospitalsRailway hospital, lalaguda040-27001134
Government hospitalsS.d. eye hospital,mehdipatnam040-23317274
Government hospitalsNims, panjagutta040-23390933
Government hospitalsE.s.i. erragadda040-23700531
Government hospitalsVanasthalipuram homoepathy hospital, charminar040-24525612
Government hospitalsInst. Of tropical diseases,nallakunta040-27667844
Government hospitalsHomoepathy hospital040-24240593
Government hospitalsMaternity hospital, nayapool040-24523641
Government hospitalsMaternity hospital, koti040-24653422
Government hospitalsMental hospital, erragadda040-23813231
Government hospitalsEnt, koti040-24740245
Government hospitalsDental hospital040-24601930
Government hospitalsGandhi hospital, secunderabad040-27505560
Government hospitalsNiloufer hospital, red hills040-23314095
Guest housesLakeview040-23310877, 040-23310083
Guest housesJubilee hall040-23232145, 040-23241038
Guest housesA..p. Bhavan, new delhi040-23382031 to 040-23382035
Guest housesAnanda nilayam040-23404782
Guest housesManjeera040-23411074
Guest housesDilkusha040-23312197
Help lineSeva040-27504682
Help lineRoshini  (supdt. For the depressed and the guided)040-66202000
Help lineHome care services040-23379999
Help lineDial a driver040-56528672
Municipal servicesCircle iv040-23326975
Municipal servicesCircle vi040-24740211
Municipal servicesCircle ii040-24525842
Municipal servicesSanitation040-23222160
Municipal servicesEngineering040-23220418
Municipal servicesCircle iii040-24736912
Municipal servicesTown planning040-23220438
Municipal servicesCircle v040-23315129
Municipal servicesG.h. municipal circle offices-
Municipal servicesCircle i040-24525841
Municipal servicesCircle vii040-27804012
Postal and telegraphH.p.o. (sec'bad)040-27840542
Postal and telegraphG.p.o.040-23463518
Postal and telegraphC.t.o. (sec'bad)040-27720030
Postal and telegraphC.t.o. (hyd)040-24609929
RailwaysReservations (ivrs)1345
RailwaysEnquiry (manual)131
RailwaysEnquiry (ivrs)1331 (eng), 1332 (hindi), 1333 (tel)
Tourist informationYatri nivas040-23450444
Tourist informationState tourism040-23262152
Tourist informationA.p.t.d.c. ltd.040-23262152, 040-23262151
Tourist informationDept. Of tourism040-23453110
Tourist informationInformation bureau040-23450165
Ts pollution control boardPollution control board040-23887500
Ts state civil supplies corporationFree help line- (apscsc)1800-4252977
Ts state civil supplies corporationPaid help line- (apscsc)040-23324184
Ts state civil supplies corporationM.s & h.s.d outlet (hps), secretariat040-23450430
Ts  pollution control boardComplaint cell040-23202259
TsrtcAlighting point040-23434264
TsrtcMahatma gandhi bus station district services enquiry040-23434268 , 040-24614406
TsrtcJubilee bus station040-27802203
TsrtcCharminar bus station9959226235
TsrtcStation manager040-23434263
TsrtcKoti bus station040-23443310
Water supplyCantonment water supply040-66669000, 040-23446952
Water supplyNew water & sewerage connections040-66519041
Water supplyWater supply & sewerage board040-23308776
Water supplyMetro customer care cell155313
Water supplyComplaint & sewerage cell hyderabad metropolitan155313
Zonal police control roomsEast zone040-27853562
Zonal police control roomsWest zone040-27852483
Zonal police control roomsNorth zone040-27853599
Zonal police control roomsCentral zone040-27852759
Zonal police control roomsSouth zone040-27854779